We have a couple of lovely short bushwalks, either around the island or up the hill to our lookout for the breathtaking and spectacular views.

The walk around the island is only a couple of kilometres and should take you between 30-45 mins if you dont stop. It is an easy walk which can be done on your own, or as a guided tour with one of our staff who can teach you about the traditional uses of the plants that you will pass by (ask for the “Medicine Walk”).

We have a small hill with a lookout point where you can take in views of the entire Northern coastline of Vanua Levu. This was a traditional lookout point for the high chief of the area due to its vantage point, with many warriors posted here to keep watch for marauding tribes. These days you can take in the view of sunrise or sunset in an unmatched setting, or a use it as a leisurely stroll.