Eco-luxury travel is the combination of natural and cultural experiences with luxury comforts and environmental sensitivity, where you will have a minimum impact on the environment and leave a minimum footprint.

Nukubati Private Island is a testimony to how a luxury experience and ecologically sustainable tourism can be successfully married. We are extremely proud to be a Fijian owned, managed and staffed eco-luxury, eco-chic resort, providing our guests with a five star experience while conserving the island’s natural wonders.

Nukubati Island is in a remote area of Fiji and is completely off grid. Wind and sun power its buildings. Rainwater is harvested. Waste is recycled. Nukubati conducts ecology and cultural tours, supports the local school with scholarships and assists local villages with infrastructure projects.

Nukubati Island Solar Power

What do we mean by Eco? When developing this Fijian Island in 1990, we were determined to be at the forefront of sustainable and ecologically responsible development….

Fruits of Nukubati Island

Nukubati Island grows almost all its fruits and vegetables in its own tropical gardens. About 6 acres of the island is under organic cultivation….