Eco Explained


What do we mean by Eco? When developing this Fijian Island in 1990, we were determined to be at the forefront of sustainable and ecologically responsible development. We are mindful of our impact on the local environment and have instigated a series of sound environmental systems on the island.

Nukubati produces its own electricity with one of the first and largest solar power plants in the Fiji Islands. From an array of 300 solar panels and four wind generators, Nukubati can generate over 10 Kilowatts of electricity from the sun and wind every day.

Fresh water is harvested rainwater, filtered and UV treated.

Hot water is produced by more than a dozen solar water heaters.

All domestic and grey water is recycled.

Sewerage is tertiary treated using natural bio-cycle systems with the refreshed waste water being used on our gardens.

Nukubati grows its own organic vegetables and fruits, using tropical permaculture techniques.

All organic waste is composted for the gardens and other waste is recycled.

Nukubati intentionally does not have air conditioners, a swimming pool or jacuzzies to reduce our carbon footprint. Our buildings are designed to take advantage of sea breezes to keep comfortable.