Fijian Culture


While on Nukubati you will have the opportunity to learn about and experience the ancient culture of the Fijian Islands. All of us on the island staff are Fijian and are from the local community. We are more than happy to have you visit our village, come to our school and attend our church services.

We offer many activities on the island that will introduce you to the Fijian Culture. Learn about our traditional medicines, about our reliance on the coconut tree, about how we hunt and gather and cook our food.

Once a week, Nukubati staff and guests sit together in the Pavilion after dinner for Kava and Meke, for the quiet sharing of a bowl, and perhaps some stories and always some music.

Nukubati is the true Fijian experience.

Sunday Church Service

While at Nukubati, you will have the opportunity to visit our local villages and their junior school. All of the staff on Nukubati come from the three local village

Nukubati Island Kava Night

The Fijian dance, or Meke, is about telling a story. Having no written history, Meke is a way to account our history and a good time for all.

Nukiubati Island Tatavu (Fijian BBQ)

Tatavu is the Fijian style of beach barbeque. Seafood is cooked on a beach fire and served on a mat on the ground. At Nukubati you will be treated…

Nukubati Island Coconut Story

For the Fijians, the coconut is the Tree of Life. On Nukubati you will learn about the importance of this amazing tree for island living…

Nukubati Island Traditional Fishing Lessons

Food gathering skills are important when the nearest shop is 50 kms away. You can learn from the experts, us….

Nukubati Island Kokoda

Nukubati is famous for its food. Seafood is our speciality, freshly caught off the resort, with tropical fruits and vegetables organically grown…

Pearl Farm Visit

Nearby Nukubati is a small pearl farm owned and run by the women of Raviravi village as a community project….

Nukubati Island Meke (Fijian Song & Dance)

Here are some Fijian phrases that will come in handy when you are on Nukubati Island…