Traditional Fishing Lesson


Food gathering skills are important when the nearest shop is 50 kms away. You can learn from the experts, us. Experience the traditional methods of gathering food in the islands. With the sea as your market, it stocks fish, crabs, clams, octopus and more. Nothing is better than fresh seafood for your meal, so catch an octopus for your lunch, and a crab for your dinner! You can even learn how to prepare your food, straight from the ocean to your plate. A day spent hunting for your food and then enjoying your catch is a day well spent!

Another food gathering skill for you to learn is spearfishing, with a Fijian hunting spear… and you will also learn about parallex error! Spear fishing is usually done at low tide and on an overcast day. The fish are easier to see and don’t seem to be so aware of the hunter. A new, exciting experience that takes patience and perseverance, accompanied by an expert and in a place where there is a bounty of fish, there is little room to fail. Bring your catch back to be prepared for your next meal.