Experience the Great Sea Reef


While Nukubati is a low to no activity destination, specialising in laid-back luxury, we do provide plenty of the adventure that Fiji and the South Pacific is renowned for.

The Great Sea Reef is the world’s third largest barrier reef, spanning more than 300kms. During your stay at Nukubati, you can explore the reef in a number of ways, from the very special and unique experience of scuba diving or snorkelling with the Nukubati Dive Team to exciting trawling for the big fish on our sports fishing boat.

Great Sea Reef Map
Nukubati Island Scuba Diving Giant Fan

Scuba Diving on Fiji’s Great Sea Reef is Nukubati’s premier activity. Just a half hour boat ride takes you to the Great Sea Reef, the third longest barrier reef in the world…

Nukubati Snorkelling

You don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy the delights of the Great Sea Reef. In fact, you will probably see more reef life just snorkeling…

Nukubati Island Fishing GT

Let our boys guide you through a fisherman’s paradise. Nukubati has all the gear required for success…