The South Pacific is the most romantic corner of the world. The beauty of the islands, the people, and their way of life, captures the hearts of visitors.

With a candle lit dinner on the beach, a picnic on a nearby deserted sandbank island, champagne at sunset or just a simple breakfast of tropical fruit on your verandah overlooking the beach, the intimacy of this small private island resort will capture your heart. It’s the perfect Fijian romance.

Nukubati Island Honeymoon Sandbank Picnic

Nukubati’s signature activity is the Sandbank Picnic on the Great Sea Reef. Shipwrecked with the right part of the ship!

Nukubati Island Honeymoon Sunset Champagne

Every evening, just before sunset, our staff will seek you out wherever you are to bring you champagne (or your favourite cocktail) and hors d’oeuvres…

Nukubati Island Honeymoon Moonlight Dinner

To give you that extra special dining experience, ask our staff to set you up a private table out on the beach where you can dine under full view of the Milky Way…